Effectively spend your money by finding people to commute with

Why spend more on when you can travel for 1/3 rd the cost! SkyMeet provides its users a platform to create location-based huddles, where multiple users can join and share information. Users can now use this platform to create huddles with the specific aim of car-pooling or cab-sharing.s All that a user needs is the SkyMeet App and a will to save time and money!

Connect to customers over a range of 500m

Save money commuting

Communicate directly with fellow commuters

Reach your destination with point to point drops

While traveling from point A to B, a SkyMeet user John creates a simple huddle with the aim to attract fellow travelers, willing to share a ride home or to office.

This huddle is visible to all SkyMeet users within 1km of the huddle.

Another SkyMeet user Raj traveling in the same direction and willing to share a ride, has to simply join the huddle created by John and decide on a pick-up point.

John and Raj not only end up saving on their travel cost but they also save time searching for two separate rides.

Furthermore, cabshare services such as UberPool and Ola Share have co-travelers alighting at separate destinations that require the cab to go off-track many-a-times.

This experience is rather frustrating leading to travelers booking separates rides rather than car-pooling.

The identity of a fellow-passenger is also not known previously which sometime creates uneasy situations. SkyMeet resolves all these issues with a single solution!